Benefits of Online Portals for Owners and Tenants in Kansas City, MO

Benefits of Online Portals for Owners and Tenants in Kansas City, MO

As a landlord, the last thing you want is to worry about rent collection.

On-time rent collection starts with the right tenant procurement process. With the right marketing and application strategy, you'll attract financially responsible tenants who pay rent on time. This rent collection timetable should also be specified in the lease contract.

You could go a step further and contact past rental references to gauge an applicant's rent payment behavior.

Digital tools can also streamline the rent collection process, particularly, a tenant portal.

Tenant portals aren't just for paying rent, though.

Learn more about the benefits of these platforms and how you can leverage them for better tenant experiences.

Optimize Your Tenant Marketing Strategy

Step into the shoes of a prospective lead. What factors do you consider when looking for rentals?

Next to monthly rent prices, you're going to assess a property's amenities. Amenities include everything, like proximity to shopping, transportation, parking, and on-site laundry facilities.

A tenant portal is also an amenity.

Include the benefits of tenant portals in your marketing. Describe how tenants can pay rent through a provided portal. Even better, they can pay with multiple forms of payment, like credit or debit. They can still pay with their checking accounts using an ACH check system.

Next, discuss how tenants can submit maintenance requests through their tenant portals. They can also check the status of service calls. Prompt maintenance is at the top of every tenant's rental search list.

Streamline Communication

Prompt maintenance is an indicator of excellent communication.

Tenant portals give greater access to property managers. Tenants can leave messages for managers in their portals. Users can also view digital copies of their lease contracts, and get notified about upcoming construction projects or property inspections.

Other resources are available for tenants, like guides on how to handle (or request) property upgrades or minor troubleshooting tips.

Tenants may also view information about current utility providers and any changes to rates. There are also resources on WIFI providers if tenants want to switch to a new service.

How to Provide a Tenant Portal

You can't offer tenants online portals without a professional website.

Rather than building your website, work with a property management company instead. Property management sites come with built-in tenant portals out of the box. You don't even have to partner with payment processors or web designers; this part is taken care of for you.

Property management websites have both tenant and landlord portals. Landlords can also view important documents, maintenance status requests, and pending applications. They can also communicate more easily with their property manager.

Landlords may also view resources on how to handle landlord stress, compliance issues, upgrades, and taxes.

As soon as a tenant gets the keys, they'll also be given login information for the online portal.

Make the Most Of Your Tenant Portal

Think about the digital tools that can make your landlord life easier. Streamline rent payments, maintenance, and communication with the help of a tenant portal.

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