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At SCUDO, our integrity lies in our ability to keep our mission, our values, and our goals clear and concise. We have intentionally created systems and services not only for our Clients, but for our Realtors, that will aid them in creating substantial growth and success in their business. We champion Entrepreneurs, and believe in allowing Realtors to grow their business as small business owners.

We are passionate about all aspects of real estate, and believe in supporting our Agents in their real estate endeavors. When it comes to integrity, we are hands on. We require a high standard of ethics and never waiver in our dedication to upholding the highest business practices.

When it comes to dictating your career future, we are hands off. We want to nurture your entrepreneurial drive, and feel the best way to do this is to keep you at the helm of your business decisions.

With these goals in mind, we have intentionally created an Agent friendly commission structure. There are no hidden fees, no gimmicks, no sliding scales based on transactions. Whether you’re an Investor/Agent, newly licensed Agent, sales Agent, buyer’s Agent, or everything in-between, we are confident that our Brokerage will be the most beneficial Brokerage to support you in your endeavors. Keeping in mind that every Agent’s goals and paths are different, you deserve options, so we have created three, including a 100% commission split (that’s 100% to you).

Please see our plan options below. If you would like to learn more, please fill out the contact form below, or contact us directly. We promise rapid fast responses, and can typically have a new or transferring Agent signed on in a few business days!

Adventurer Plan
agent fee
commission to agent
commission to SCUDO
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Pioneer Plan
agent fee
commission to agent
commission to SCUDO
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Producer Plan
agent fee
commission to agent
commission to SCUDO
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Old School Brokerage
franchise fee, desk
rental, sign rental, etc.
commission to agent
commission to brokerage
transaction fee, PER TRANSACTION

Each of our payment structures offer unique benefits to any level of Agent. We feel confident in your business savvy, and trust you’ll quickly be able to assess the option that makes the most sense for your personal business model. We allow 2 changes a year in plans with a 60 day written notice. We know life changes, and we want to give our Realtors that flexibility.

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