How Often Should a Landlord Inspect Rental Property in Kansas City, MO?

How Often Should a Landlord Inspect Rental Property in Kansas City, MO?

Your rental property is your baby and you're turning into a helicopter parent. Although you think continuously inspecting your property is in your best interest, it might be against the law.

Tenants have a right to privacy and quiet enjoyment. These laws dictate how often landlords can complete rental property inspections.

Keep reading to learn what you need to know as a Kansas City, MO, landlord.

How Often Can a Landlord Inspect Property?

Landlords assume that because they are the property owners, they can have access to units whenever they please. State and local regulations limit the amount of times a landlord can inspect a property.

A property management company in Kansas City, MO, knows the local area well and can explain these regulations to you.

After learning your state's rental property inspection laws, you might find that you don't have a concrete number of times you should inspect the property. The number is based on these factors:

Purpose of Entry

Rental property inspections are controlled by the purpose of entry. Depending on the purpose of the inspection, the number of times you can enter a unit differs.

There are always going to be two inspections when a tenant moves in and when they move out. Quarterly or seasonal inspections are common as well.

Understanding the different types of property inspections can help you determine the purpose of entry.

Create a rental property inspection timeline in advance and notify tenants of when you need to enter the property.

Landlord-Tenant Relationship

Always adhere to a code of professionalism when handling tenants, even if you have a close relationship. Tenants don't appreciate unannounced visits.

Discussing a rental property inspection checklist with your tenants allows both parties to agree on dates and the frequency of visits. This is something to consider putting in the lease agreement.

After the discussion, stick to the set times and dates. If it's necessary to add another inspection or change the date, give the tenant at least 48 hours' notice.

Quiet Enjoyment

Tenants have a universal right to quiet enjoyment. Excessive property inspections can interfere with this right.

Tenants cannot change the locks or deny entry to the landlord. However, landlords can't break the tenant's privacy by showing up and entering the unit unannounced.

To ensure you comply with tenant rights, consider setting up a tenant portal where they can make maintenance requests. You'll have peace of mind knowing rental property maintenance is taken care of without excessive inspections.

Handle Rental Property Inspections Correctly

Rental property inspections are necessary to maintain your rental property. However, you can't ignore your tenant's right to privacy by overly inspecting your units.

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