Do Property Managers Pay For Repairs in Kansas City, MO?

Do Property Managers Pay For Repairs in Kansas City, MO?

Kansas state enforces tenant rights laws that mandate landlords to provide habitable living units for residents. Under these laws, landlords must provide essential services like maintenance and repairs to ensure a property is livable.

Landlords have the choice to outsource these tasks to property managers in Kansas City, MO. When you hire a rental property management company, you might be wondering if they are responsible for paying for repairs.

Keep reading to learn the answer.

Who Pays for Rental Property Repairs?

When you hire a rental property management company, you are outsourcing a lot of your landlord responsibilities to them. Still, the owner is always responsible for paying for rental property maintenance and repairs.

A property manager will ask you to add money to a reserve fund. This fund will be used as maintenance problems arise.

The amount you need to add to the fund will depend on the agreement terms. You can figure out what is reasonable by looking at your past rental property accounting records regarding the cost of maintenance and repairs.

As money is spent, the reserve fund is restored through rental property income.

Who Makes Repairs?

Rental property company responsibilities include hiring professionals to make the repairs. Finding reliable contractors on your own isn't easy. It can be time-consuming and expensive to choose the right person.

Most property management companies have an existing network of contractors they've had good experiences with in the past. If you have a rental property contractor that you like already, let your property manager know.

As you are the owner, you can weigh in with your preferences.

The great thing about property managers who have connections with contractors is that they can get you an affordable price. Some contractors discount their services to property managers who always reach out to them.

Importance of Quick Repairs

With a rental property maintenance checklist, a property manager can inspect the property to spot signs of damage. Property upkeep is important for the profitability of your investment.

Staying on top of routine maintenance and repairs increases the odds of tenants renewing their lease. If minor problems are left unaddressed, they will quickly turn into costly repairs.

You can make quick repairs by setting up a seamless system for maintenance requests. Implement an online tenant portal where residents can share their maintenance issues.

Your property manager will evaluate the details of the repair and coordinate the entire maintenance process. They will follow up with the tenant once the repairs are complete.

Hiring Rental Property Management in Kansas City, MO

A rental property management company in Kansas City, MO, is ideal for maintenance coordination. Property owners are required by law to keep units habitable, but maintaining a property is a lot of work.

Let us take on these responsibilities for you. At SCUDO, you can trust us to help you maximize your investments, starting with keeping your property well-maintained.

Unlike other property management companies, we have an in-house team of maintenance professionals who offer outstanding results. We can help with inspections, preventative maintenance, large repairs, and more.

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