SCUDO’s Checklist For Home Sellers!

Debating selling your home is a crucial decision and the selling process can be quite challenging. As a seller, your aim is selling your home quickly for the maximum amount of possible capital. Your efforts and dedication prior to closing will decide the future of your property!

As one of the first steps, we always recommend a pre-listing inspection. The inspection will give you a punch list of items that may need repair, or that a potential Buyer will expect compensation for. It will help you to well informed and reduce the risk of any dreaded “surprises” during negotiations. Learn more about the benefits of a home inspection, and the process HERE!

Outside of an inspection, SCUDO has produced a list of things to keep in mind before placing your home on the market:

Repair and maintenance

Examine your property from the eyes of a Buyer who is making a long-term commitment.

Check working of water supply, fuses, and electric circuits. Entrance and lawns should be tidy. Don’t ignore small repairs such as inoperable windows, peeling paint etc. Repair and spruce up as much as your budget will allow. Before repairing, create a checklist of materials to be repaired. Keep in mind that you are repairing a property that you will sell.

Common Repairing and maintenance materials are

  • Light bulbs, breakers, and fuses
  • Electric circuits and broken wirings
  • Running and blocked water supply
  • Peeling paints and broken windows
  • Bad condition of roof and walls

Clean and tidy space

Before looking at property, buyers are expecting a clean and tidy space. The appearance of both the exterior (first impression) and interior are crucially important. An attractive exterior will draw Buyers in.  If you don’t have enough time to clean house, go for professional cleaning services, even their most basic cleaning will leave your home feeling fresh and airy.

Likewise, if the thought of cleaning up the yard seems overwhelming, hire a lawn company to do a 1-time clean, focusing especially on areas surrounding the front door.

Wall paint and staging

A fresh coat of neutral paint throughout is always welcome. It will make your home appear fresh, updated, and clean. Depending on the price-point of your home, you may also consider having a professional stager come in once you have moved to make sure each room is showing to its fullest potential. This is especially important if you have an awkward space or nook that will require the Buyer’s imagination, take away the guess work for them by showcasing a functional way to use the space!

Separate your emotions from the property

Selling your own house can induce emotional feelings out of anyone but if you are going to sell your property you have to detach your emotional side from it. Once you’ve fully decided on the decision to sell, allow yourself to make decisions based on facts and not feelings.

In addition, remove personal belongings from the house that make Buyers feel like a guest in your home.

Things you need to remove from the house:

  • Wallpapers and personal photos from space
  • Collection of toys and crafts
  • Things that may be seen as offensive
  • Books, DVD’s and other personal collection


Paperwork plays an important role in buying and selling of real estate. Your Realtor and Title company are professionally trained, and required to keep audit proof documentation of your sale. Be sure to request copies of final files for your records.

Genuine selling price

At first, estimating your property’s value may seem like a difficult task but after your Realtor has provided a detailed calculation and market surveys, you can come to a value conclusion. It is imperative that the condition and location of your property, as well as your neighborhood’s current market conditions, match your selling price. Fewer things stop a great home from selling out of the gate than being overpriced.

The bottom line when preparing to list your home, is consider what would be important to you as a Buyer. There is a Buyer for EVERY type of home, especially one that has been prepped for the market and priced appropriately.

Want preperation tips specific to your home, or to get referrals for vetted Vendors in your area? Contact SCUDO to begin today!