Millennials on the Move

There’s no denying the constant buzz that has been surrounding “Millennials” lately. Every industry is dedicating increasing amounts of budgets trying to figure this diverse, forward thinking age bracket out. Whether is Restaurateurs, large chain stores, or the Mom & Pop shop down the block, everyone seems to be drawing a conclusion about what makes these 20 somethings tick.

The main theme thus far seems to be, in short, “cause.” A generation who wants to know the “why” behind every part of their lives. Whether it’s a pair of shoes, a burger on the corner, or a new car, Millennials are pushing marketers  to give them more than a just a commodity. They want to know how the product is made, why the product is made, and what the Seller intends to do with the Consumer’s payment long after the transaction.

This increased awareness of “impact” extends far beyond purchases for the Millennial, they are also making conscious choices in their personal lives. Walking or biking instead of driving, supporting local, community driven hobbies, and being proactive for causes they believe in. This growing passion for an impactful existence naturally becomes important in a Millennials home search.

This can translate itself in many ways; trading indoor square footage for outdoor square footage, living in close proximity to work, having energy efficient features, living in a community that supports an active lifestyle, sun exposure for a sustainable garden, downsizing for efficiency or scaling up to host more friends and family. These are just a few of the many things are Clients are passionately seeking.

We are excited about the new wave of thoughtfulness in all purchases, including one of your biggest- your home! At SCUDO, we are well versed in Jackson & Northern Johnson county. We know every neighborhood, every pocket, and every district. We’re eager to learn about the “why” behind your purchase, and can’t wait to find the perfect home for you to fit those needs!

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