How To Get Your Kansas City Area Home Ready For Winter

How To Get Your Kansas City Area Home Ready For Winter

Whether you are selling or buying a new home in the winter, it is always a bit of challenge to find the right fit. It is important to get your home ready for winter so that your property remains exemplary and exquisite. So, here are some tips to help you get less misses and more hits when preparing your home for winter:

Maintaining the exteriors

The first impression of your home is the last one and it needs to be flawless. Needless to say, the house exteriors stand as the centre piece of first impressions of the property. When selling your house, your exteriors need to be well-planned, well-constructed and clean. Every foot of the landscaped should represent a well-maintained property. Things to do before winter include raking leaves, pruning brushes, mowing the lawn, and removing dead flowers to make your home look vibrant. During the winter, shoveling and salting all walkways, and keeping the heat at a comfortable temperature will allow for a better impression.


When winter knocks on your door steps, it is imperative to have your windows (closed) and clean to allow for more sunlight. Having clean and maintained windows will ensure that any sunlight that appears freely streams into your home. Also make sure all windows are properly sealed and do not allow drafts to seep in.

Winter staging tricks

In winter, home staging is important in order to create an ambience of comfort and warmth inside. This calls for a roaring fire in the fire pit that can act as a great asset. This also adds to the appeal during inspection. On couches and bed, stag your beddings with thick blankets and to create a cozy feeling. This will make buyers snuggle up in your home. If it’s near the Holidays, sprinkle some sparse Holiday decor around to help them get an idea of the fond memories they will create there.

Maintain the heating inside home

Regardless of what day of winter it is, if you plan to sell your house, you need to keep the heating on every day of the season. This signifies that the house is in a good working condition. While feeling the warmth, the buyers will feel assured about the heating system of the property. However, one should make sure not to overheat the atmosphere as it is ultimately a home not a sauna.

Utilize Lighting to Good Effect:

During winter days, you may not be lucky enough to avail as much natural lighting as you might desire. After you are done with cleaning your windows and setting aside the curtains, you may need to to make the maximum use of artificial light. Make sure that you light up all the lamps and other lights as well so that the darkness withers away.

Home Repairs:

It really doesn’t matter when you plan to sell your house, you would never want to possess a property that is out of order. Issues like leakage from gutters and roof tiles should be dealt with immediately so that you don’t have to face any problem at a later stage. Replacement should be instantly made for leaky faucets or other issues that could accumulate into a bigger problem.

Picture Perfect House:

Provide your Listing Agent with photos of your home in optimal seasons, with beautiful fall foliage, or stunning spring flowers in bloom. This will help Buyers visualize want to anticipate as the weather warms.

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