Happy Thanksgiving from SCUDO! Tips for Entertaining your Guests for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from SCUDO! Tips for Entertaining your Guests for Thanksgiving

Have your already pulled up your socks to make your Thanksgiving Day a spectacular affair? A good host plans for Thanksgiving well in advance to make it the best yet! However, most people end up running from one corner of the house to another instead of raising a toast with their guests. Here are a few tips to help you prepare so this Thanksgiving can be cherished by you as well your guests for an eternity!

Don’t Be A Superhero:

While you would love to prepare scrumptious meals for your guests as a good host and decorate the house in the best possible way, the flip side is that you may tire down yourself dramatically even when your dear guests finally arrive for the festivities. You don’t want to have your guests laughing and enjoying while you constantly dream of a nap. Thanksgiving is a time of sharing, it is always better to get more people on board that may include even the guests for the Thanksgiving preparations. That would not only save you precious time but also provide you a great opportunity to enjoy your guests’ right from the word go.

Work on Your Holiday Table:

Nothing says “Holiday Feast” more than than a festive eating place that appears ready to welcome its guests. If you wish to leave a memorable impression on your guests on the night of Thanksgiving, try to sneak in some innovative ideas on your table like a unique dinnerware or elegant lighting in the vicinity. Never forget to arrange ample sitting arrangement for your guests at a non-congested place. Checkout pinterest, or magazine’s Holiday issues to gain inspiration. Creativity doesn’t have to break the bank!

Plan Interesting Activities:

While your guests are no doubt looking forward to a Thanksgiving affair where they engage in usual turkey feasting and raising toasts, don’t be afraid to spice it up with some crowd pleasing activities. Risk-free indoor games aren’t just for kids! Find some game inspiration HERE.

Be a Part of Everything:

Without a doubt, you would prefer entertaining guests in the best possible way, but there are instances when you are busy preparing food till the last minute and your guests start arriving. If you feel that there is no help around and the cooking time could consume your substantial time, consider ordering food, or at least the major items from a local store. Your guests would much rather have you be a part of it while they celebrate Thanksgiving at your place, and you’d much rather have memories with your loved ones than of being in the kitchen!

Get A Dish From A Guest:

While some people may actually scorn over the thought of asking their guests to bring a dish during Thanksgiving, it could also prove a boon for you. With each guest getting a dish to your house, you can save yourself plenty of cooking time and work on all other types of preparations to make your Thanksgiving Day even more memorable. However, you should always make sure that no more than two guests arrive with the same dish which could quite obviously spoil the fun. Getting to feast on different dishes on the indulgent occasion of Thanksgiving not only brighten up everyone’s mood but also help share your cooking workload with your guests. Who doesn’t want that actually?


Remember in all that you do, that the most important purpose of the day is time with those you love, and taking a moment to have gratefulness for all the blessings of the year! This year, SCUDO is especially grateful for you- have a wonderful Thanksgiving!