Ask SCUDO! “Have you ever turned away a Client?”

Client Question: Have you ever turned away a Client? If so, why?

SCUDO Answer:

As the Owner of a Real Estate Brokerage and Property Management company, we have turned away business on both sides of the business, but more often on the Property Management side. We founded our company on the promise that we would always be committed to quality of care over quantity of properties. In such, we require a high level of integrity from our Property Owners. If we sense that an Owner is not committed to taking excellent care of their home(s) and Resident(s), we choose not to represent them.

We believe in the betterment of our community, and our city, and know that this starts one home at a time. We know that if a Resident is well taken care of, they will take better care of their home, and it will create a more winning situation for all parties involved in the long run. The higher standard of service does require being more intentional with our choices as a company than just accepting every portfolio of properties that we get offered, regardless of the added income it may provide.