Advantages and disadvantages of buying a foreclosure

If you are considering buying a foreclosure, you should ensure that you have evaluated complete pros and cons of such type of transaction. But before getting to the facts, it is important to get a good understanding of what exactly is foreclosure.

A foreclosure is a process through which a homeowner is deprived of his rights to a property because of the failure to pay the mortgage.  If the owner is unable to pay off the outstanding debt, the property goes to a foreclosure action. If the property does not sell at the auction, it belongs to the lending institution.

So is a foreclosure right for you? Let’s have a look at its pros and cons with reference to specific aspects in the buying process:

Missed payments/Motivated seller


  • Sellers are usually motivated to achieve a fast sale which creates opportunity for below market purchase price
  • Buyers are typically eligible for using regular mortgage financing (unless some portion of the home makes it uninsurable- i.e. a roof in disrepair).
  • Buyer gets the advantage of obtaining desired inspections with contingency/standard due diligence period. Although the Seller will typically not repair or compensate any found defects, the Buyer has the opportunity to cancel the contract without penalty during this time.
  • Home will appreciate immediately- because you are purchasing the home at a great discount, it will appreciate almost immediately, and allow for greater appreciation with repairs than a typical residential resale purchase.


  • Home will typically need far more repairs and updates than a standard residential sale
  • Seller will typically not make any repairs on Buyer’s behalf, so Buyer must be prepared to handle.
  • Seller’s Disclosure with extensive background information on the home typically not available.
  • Seller may not be able to negotiate price below the mortgage of seller’s outstanding balance
  • More competition to purchase, bidding against cash investors. If you plan on living in the home, keep in mind that there are many foreclosures (i.e. through homepath) that have a period where the home is only open to purchase for Buyers that will occupy the home.
  • Have to make purchase decisions/offers quickly. Due to how quickly foreclosures sell, Buyers should be prepared to act quickly.

Foreclosure Auction


  • Property will be sold for outstanding balance of mortgages balance owed to foreclosing the holder of mortgage. This is usually a low price for the property
  • Competition is reduced due to cash payment


  • No inspections are allowed, as its sale
  • The purchase of auction must be paid in cash on the same day as in the auction, no mortgage is usually allowed
  • Due to property condition/history issue, bank cannot provide disclosure
  • If bank believes that the auction will not recover a good price, it may itself buy the property at auction
  • No fees for attorney or commission will be paid. Buyer should pay for their own representation
  • The condition of the property might be subjected to damage by upset homeowners
  • Buyer may take the property back and owe other taxes, liens and mortgages. Prior to auction, buyer should research state of title.

Pre-foreclosure or Lis Pendens Filed by Lender/Short Sale


  • Buyer can perform all standard inspections, including researching the title during due diligence or contingency period
  • Seller is motivated for fast sale which further leads to increase buyer’s bargaining power


  • Unless mortgage(s) is paid by purchase price and closing costs in full, the approval of price and terms by lender is required. This is applicable in case of short sale
  • Short sale may take up to 45-90 days to close
  • Lender may not approve seller concessions or closing cost credits
  • Sellers have to move out

Post-foreclosure Bank owned property REO


  • Bank usually stays motivated to get the property sold. It will even negotiate price, closing payments, escrow length, escrow length etc
  • Title is clear and buyer does not take on any liens back taxes, mortgages or prior owners
  • House will remain vacant
  • REO sales close down within a normal escrow period of time
  • Property will get listed on MLS which means that bank will pay real estate agent’s commission
  • Mortgage financing and inspections are allowed within the normal contingency/diligence period


  • Bank usually asks for additional paperwork
  • Bank cannot provide disclosures as to the history or condition of the property
  • Bank will not agree on doing any repairs, is it is sale

As we can realize, there are certain cons as well as pros to buying a foreclosure. Besides these, always remember that buying a foreclosure requires cautious budgeting, the right real estate team and probably a mental resolve to get through the purchase process successfully.

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