Investment Consultation

You’re unique. And if you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably realized that SCUDO is unique too. Why would your investments be any different? We both expect and respect that every Investor’s goals are their own, and may even change with each investment. In such, we find that our relationship with you works best when we have a good understanding of you and your goals.

Here’s how we can help.

Out-of-state Investors: When it comes to out-of-state investing, Dorothy said it best “there’s no place like home.” No one knows your neighborhood like you do; where the good restaurants are, what streets to take when traffic is backed up, why houses a block away sell for way less or way more, and why one block won’t sell at all. That being said, not everyone has the luxury of investing near their home. For us, KC is home. We know every nook and cranny, every market stat, who’s coming, who’s going, and when. Not only is that our passion, that’s our job, and as an out-of-state Investor, our promise to you. Picking a market is hard enough, picking a neighborhood and home within a market your unfamiliar with can be even harder. With SCUDO, it doesn’t have to be.

Outside of market knowledge, we offer:

  • Deal analysis. Does it meet your criteria? Will it provide the returns you need, in the time that you need it? What’s the likelihood of it matching or surpassing your expectations?
  • Property analysis. Walking the property and coming up with a legitimate scope of work. Reaching out to our vetted vendors for costs & time frames. Assessing work that is both critically necessary and preventative for future concerns.
  • Getting the home(s) under contract. Outside of negotiations, showings, and being able to act swiftly, real estate takes a lot of paperwork. We’ll make sure it’s audit proof, and timely. We have e-sign software, no snail-mailing contracts back & forth.
  • Project management. Overseeing and addressing the scope of work.
  • Property management. If you’re a buy & hold investor, we can seamlessly take the project from the purchase, to the reno, to the renter.

In-state Investors: First of all, how do we not know each other yet?! We love meeting Investors in the area, and can’t wait to learn more about you and your specific needs. Whether you need someone to handle the stuff locally while you’re out slaying more deals, or you just want an ally to accompany and consult along the way, we’re here!

Still wondering if we’d work well together? Here’s some things we look for when partnering with Investors:

  • Dedicated to the betterment of their home(s) and neighborhood(s) invested in.
  • Understands that there’s no such thing as “hands off” investing, no matter how far away you live. Meaning, you care about your properties and the people in them, and you’re aware that there will be times you need to be involved.
  • Willing to be open in their investment strategy. What has worked for you in 10 other markets, may not work here. Having an openness to modifying your strategy a bit here and there will ultimately help us help you more. If you’re not open to changing your strategy (hey, it’s worked in 10 other markets!) that’s ok. Just know, it may hinder our ability to maximize your investments.
  • Allow us to be honest with you. We’re in this with the hope of a long term relationship with you. We’re able to see past one deal. We will never push a deal just to get it done and make a “quick buck.” We know that if we push you into a bad deal, it will be (and should be) our last deal together. We’re bigger picture than that.
  • Enjoy Investing. We absolutely love real estate- all of it! We know stressful situations can arise, problems can pop up out of nowhere, and deals can fall through- but overall, it’s a blast! We can work with anyone, but it’s sure a lot more fun when we’re working with someone who’s made a choice to enjoy the ride.