Happy New Year From SCUDO! Tips On How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year From SCUDO! Tips On How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions

What is on your list for the brand New Year that awaits you? 2015 has come to an end and with it we have the opportunity to kick out any bad habits we might have. With the new year about to begin let’s focus on some success tips to stick to your resolutions this year!

For many of us the resolutions can be very personal or rather emotional ones. Forgiving a friend, or being more compassionate towards the elderly in the family can be downright important for some. No matter how many resolutions one makes, it is true that most of the resolutions that prove to be successful are either very personal to us or something we are ambitious about. Losing weight and quit smoking have long been the most common resolutions among people.

Below we’ve outlined the top, most common resolutions, with tips on how to accomplish each one!


Quit Smoking

One of the oldest yet a recurring one, let’s face it. It is not easy for a nicotine lover to leave smoking. Although it may be tempting to try to quit cold turkey, try starting by reducing the number of cigarettes one smokes a day, one can get over with the addiction part rather slowly. So instead of making a New Year resolution to not smoke at all, maybe start with a goal to greatly decrease the amount you smoke now, which will help you ultimately quit in the long run.

Managing Finances

It can be tough to suddenly switch from a big spender to a savvy saver. This also tops the list for many who have bad credit reports and low credits haunting them for the whole year. Not being financially stable can lead to heightened levels of stress leading into depression. Managing finances and learning to manage them better is something that everyone needs to learn at least once in a lifetime. Try starting by signing up at mint.com this secure site syncs with all of your accounts (checkings, savings, credit cards, auto loans, etc) and gives you real time glimpses at your typical spending habits. You may be shocked how much your Starbucks addiction adds up! Taking your head out of the sand, and getting a clear picture on where you really are financially is the best starting point. Anything can be accomplished once you have the knowledge of where you’re beginning.

Weight Loss

It is important for you to decide why you want to lose weight, and be honest! Some people might want to lose weight because they are not happy with the way they look or they want to fit in some clothes that they can’t, or it may be deeper. There are many ways to lose weight so you have ample alternatives to choose from. Whatever choice you go with make sure that you do have a plan and stick to it. Taking the expert advice and support of loved ones will help you achieve this goal rather smoothly. The issue in 2016 is not finding ways to lose weight, but instead finding the one that is the most realistic and long-term option for you. Fad diets may work temporarily, but slowly changing eating habits, and introducing exercise into your daily lifestyle is much more sustainable.

Switching Careers

As easy as it may sound, it is often a source of great stress for many people. Before typing in your letter of resignation at your current workplace, make sure that you have done a thorough research on whether your idea is practical enough or not. If you are changing job because of some unresolved issue with your boss or company, take an opportunity this New Years and put your issues on the table. Doing your homework on the new job or work before leaving the current one will be the best to your benefit.

Being More Compassionate

Being kind to others is like any other character trait, it is a goal that needs to be worked toward daily. Reacting in anger/frustration is many people’s go to emotion- why we do it can depend on many things: we had a bad day at work, something about a person annoys us, etc. Whatever is the reason behind your anger, keep it in mind that each person has their own struggles every day. No one is free from hard situations, and tough days. Try to practice compassion first, even when it does not feel comfortable.

Consume Less Liquor

Alcohol is a staple in many life events and gatherings. It’s a natural inclusion in most social get-togethers, and can make it difficult to limit or stay away from. Your reasons for drinking less may be varied (healthier lifestyle, family history of abuse, etc). Whatever your reason may be, no one has ever regretted drinking less. The long-term negative effects of overconsumption are real, and can easily be avoided by cutting back, or only drinking on seldom, special occasions.

Read More Books

So you want to read more books the next year? It works out when you decide to make a list of possible books that you have always wanted to read. You can set small goals like finishing a book a month. Choose your areas of interest beforehand. Regardless of the genre you choose, including books into your daily routine will make you a more well-rounded, educated individual. If you find it hard to make time for reading, try the app audible. This app allows you to listen to books, and makes it easier to “read” at a moment’s notice. Listen as you clean up the house, or ride to an appointment in the car. You can also choose your listening speed, and rewind/fast forward as needed.

Regardless of your goals this new year, we wish you the greatest success in accomplishing them! Remember to be more specific in your goal setting (use numbers: i.e. I want to read 10 books this year), set goal marks to check in on your status, and tell friends or family who will hold you accountable!