Best Home Projects to Tackle in the Fall!

Your Lawn: Preparing in the Fall will help you reap that green goodness in the Spring! Now’s the time to aerate your grass and garden so they don’t suffocate. Additionally, you’ll want to fertilize and winterize grass, trees, shrubs & your irrigation system to help them rest peacefully through the Winter. 

Your Windows: Have you ever tried reading a book with gloves? Neither have we, but you’ll want to make sure you don’t have to when you curl up indoors this Winter. Preserve your energy bill and those fingers by getting those drafty old windows replaced!   

Your Paint: You don’t want your paint flaking with the snow this Winter. Touching up or adding sealer prior to the snow & temperatures dropping will help preserve your wood and paint.

Your Roof: Don’t worry, you don’t necessarily want to replace the whole thing, but you will want to do some repair work if you have any weak or leaky spots. Cold weather can aggravate an already troublesome weather. We know skylights are dreamy, but they normally turn out better when they’re intentionally. 

Your Insulation: Check it out in your attic, if it’s at or below the level of the joists, you may be able to keep your home warmer by adding more. A depth of 10-14 inches is ideal. 

Your Furnace: Having your heating go out in the middle of Christmas is more chilling than a visit from the ‘ole in-laws. A preventative tune up is wise before it’s necessary. Trust us, kids love Holiday surprises, but pipes bursting in the middle of night will most likely not make anyone very holly or jolly.

Your Gutters: There’s a great debate about whether or not gutter guards are helpful. Either way, a good cleaning of debris and any fallen leaves will ensure water keeps moving away from your home. Make sure all downspouts are functioning properly, and pieces are connected. While you’re up there on the ladder, go ahead and check the chimney to make sure Saint Nick’s got plenty of room to bring the goods down. 

Repair driveways & Walks: Small cracks can expand in the Winter.