Announcing The VERY FIRST mom & pop meetup!

We are so thrilled to announce a brand new, family friendly, networking group in Kansas City geared toward Entrepreneurs from idea stage, to those running successful companies.

Knowing that there’s power in the “connection” and ones “community,” an importance is placed on helping first, and as a byproduct, finding help for yourself. Mom & Pop champions the start-ups, the mom & pops, the entrepreneurs, and the visionaries.

Success is measured in many things, but the most important are the immeasurable- including those that you love around you, and the time spent with them. In such, M&P have been intentional about a family inclusiveness in their meetings. Bring your spouse, bring your parent, bring your kids!

If you’d like to join us, please RSVP here:

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1st & 3rd Tues of EVERY month. We are SO looking forward to seeing you!

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